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State Voter Registration

The California Pirate Party needs 104,000 California citizens to register as Pirates in order to become a qualified political party eligible to run candidates for office. Due to the Open Primary Rule, registering as a pirate does not affect your ability to vote in California primary elections or your ability to vote for any candidate of your choice. The Pirate Party needs your registration in order to create the momentum to restore direct democracy and civic participation in California.

In order to register to become a pirate, you must fill out a California Voter Registration Card and list “California Pirate Party” as your political party affiliation. There is no box provided for the Pirate Party, and must be written in until we acquire the necessary signatures. There are 2 main ways to register to become a member of the California Pirate Party:

  1. Attend a California Pirate Party event, such as a public debate, public speech, or pirate party rally. We will provide voter registration cards at each of our public events and will help you with any questions you may have.
  2. Access the California Voter Registration Card online. Print out the blank document, fill out the appropriate information and mail it to the address provided.

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