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California Pirate Party (CAPP) is seeking volunteers: Register today to Get Involved!

California Pirate Party (CAPP) is seeking an enthusiastic group of volunteer designers to address various needs in web and graphic design. If you would like to lend your creative skills to assist CAPP in creating a more visually appealing web presence please Inquire Within or E-Mail CalPirateParty@gmail.com. All contributions will be Publicly Licensed and may appear on California Pirate Party promotional materials or merchandise.

Social Media Editors
California Pirate Party (CAPP) is seeking committed volunteers to join our Social Media teams. Our Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (CalPirateParty) require daily attention from a dedicated group of volunteers. Familiarity with various aspects of each social media platform and a willingness to engage the community is preferred.