FCC Takes First Action Toward Undoing Net Neutrality Protections

The Federal Communications Commission today passed a proposal that begins the process of unraveling the regulations currently protecting net neutrality. The FCC voted 2-1 to advance a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, a necessary step for an independent federal agency like the FCC to change or implement a rule or regulation. The NPRM lays out a plan that would remove the Internet's current classification as a public utility and re-categorize it as "information service." Such a rule change would open the door for Internet Service Providers to dramatically overhaul how they offer Internet service to their customers.…
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Informal Pirate Meet at Dolores Park

We will be meeting this weekend at Dolores Park to raise awareness for the California Pirate Party and promote dialogue about political action. Please join us to speak, chat, question and resist!
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