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Building a political movement from the ground up is an exciting challenge. We believe the California Pirate Party has the potential to reshape the political landscape, but we also believe participation in the party is a way to directly interact in local, state, national and international politics. We are kicking off a university tour in which we will be giving speeches to classes and using university space to have public debates. Ultimately, we believe the success of the California Pirate Party depends on young passionate people who share our goal of promoting social justice and radical democracy.

Our student internships provide opportunities for students to directly participate in the political process. We want to empower students to host public debates, work with us to develop our policy positions and platform, write policy papers, work directly with California legislators, host public debates, participate in rallies, canvass, obtain signatures, participate in our video / radio projects and help manage public events.

We are also offering a series of student internships to help us with the party. There are many internships to choose from, and they all emphasize different interests and strengths. If you are interested in one of these student internships, then please contact us at or We would love to work with your department provide school credit (and other benefits) as compensation for your work. Please check out the descriptions below for more information:

Campaign Management

Computer Science

Events Management

Music Management

Online Marketing and Social Media

Staff Reporter