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Pirate Hour: William Kelleher and Alan Dechert

[embed][/embed] The goal of the Pirate Hour is to create a forum for members of the California Pirate Party and the public at large to speak with intellectuals and public figures in a democratic open space to share ideas and information. The third episode of the Pirate Hour was recorded on Thursday, August 9, 2012 and we were very lucky to have two guests this week: William Kelleher and Alan Dechert. Our main topic of conversation this week is online voting in California and throughout the United States. The California…
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Constitution of the Pirate Party of the United States: Open For Debate

Below please find a draft of the proposed constitution for the Pirate National Committee. As a member of the PNC, the California Pirate Party has to ratify the constitution for it to be effective. Our goal is to use this public space to publicize the proposed constitution and generate discussion about its components. We are open to any opinions or feedback. We will be reading the constitution and discussing it for the next week. On Monday, August 20, we will decide whether or not to ratify the PNC constitution during…
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Pirate Party Disclosure 1.1: Donations and Fundraising

The California Pirate Party is growing faster than we imagined. It is tremendously exciting to be part of a global movement that promotes radical democracy and creative solutions for our collective problems. New methods for public engagement help us connect with the idea that life IS politics, and digital communication gives us a microphone to realistically build support for a political party that can challenge the established order.  The individuals who operate the California Pirate Party every day are passionately committed to this movement and we will do everything in…
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Pirate Hour: Joe Mathews

[embed][/embed] The California Pirate Party proudly presents our second episode of the Pirate Hour! For this episode, we speak with Joe Mathews, Irvine senior fellow at the New America Foundation and author of "California Crackup" and "The People's Machine: Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Rise of Blockbuster Democracy". Mathews discusses the state of electoral politics in California and the importance of shaking things up. We also discuss opportunities and challenges for the California Pirate Party.
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Pirate Party Analysis: Food and Famine, Part 2

In the previous food and famine blog post, classist and racial undertones were examined as contributing factors to the growing famine plaguing poor and minority communities in California and the rest of the world. When confronted with this dilemma, our current two party system creates solutions such as the 2012 Farm Bill. The House is currently debating a version of the bill that would allow up to $3.5 billion to be cut from food stamps for migrant communities. Under the guise of “laziness” or “immigrants who don’t contribute”, the public either submits…
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Pirate Party Interview: Shane Hamlin, Washington State Co-Director of Elections

[embed][/embed] Marc Strassman provides another wonderful interview related to online voter registration. Earlier last week, Strassman spoke with Shane Hamlin, co-director of Elections for Washington State. Strassman and Hamlin discuss online voter registration in Washington and the process for implementing these new systems. California Pirate Party supports online voter registration throughout the state of California. We hope that Marc's interview with Mr. Hamlin will help start a dialogue that streamlines the process of creating online voter registration in California.
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