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Transnational Motley Crews

Marcus Rediker brings you another great video interview that covers a range of topics related to pirate history, the origins of global capitalism and philosophy. We live in a different era, a sea of technology, but it is important to understand the historical community efforts to achieve freedom.
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Pirate History Meets Pirate Politics

Marcus Rediker is a historian, writer, teacher and activist that regularly lectures on pirate history and ideology. We consider ourselves new age pirates rather than baroque pirates, but there are some ideological strands that are unavoidable and fascinating. This is a lecture by Rediker titled "Atlantic Pirates in the Golden Age." Listen to the historical legacy of piracy, which is deeply rich with democratic ideals. From the summary of the lecture: "Rediker exposes pirate history and shows how sailors emerged out of deadly working conditions on merchant and naval ships, turned pirate,…
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German Pirate Party Makes Gains

Pirates take 6 seats in the German Parliament this week. An unprecedented victory for Pirate Parties around the world and a message that the pirate movement is becoming a growing threat to the bastards exercising information control throughout the globe.   
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