GLAP Weekly Wrap-Up, 2017-06-03

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– A Call for CAPP elections was made on rocketchat to be formally announced at the next jitsi meeting.
– @z and @tanager will research a means to “lock” an etherpad so that it may be embeded into WordPress via an iframe for posting meeting agendas prior to meetings. (needs to be read-only)
– @angelo will continue to hack away on IndieWeb stuff for us, and #glap will begin beta testing its use between now and next meeting.
– CAPP Planet / aggregator implemented:
– Initial sites to aggregate:,,,
– If you’re a CAPP pirate and you have a relevant blog send us your feed! ping @tanager or @angelo on
– All AGENDA items that were not covered have been pushed to next week:
– #glap officially agrees on a sort of non-platform Platform. A minimalist platform. (one which you cannot determine the political leanings based on the “platform” – because that would be missing the entire point)
– We took a photo!