CAPP activities update 2017-05-08

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Summary of CAPP’s activities in recent weeks. As of 2017-05-08.

We are now in the phase of actively planning events and speeches. We need to start seriously organizing the voter registration drive and preparing to attend protests and public events with registration materials.

As always, anyone interested in joining the Pirates and getting involved is invited to sign-up on our group chat:

SF Pirates will be hosting a public meet up in Dolores Park on Saturday, May 13, from 2pm to 4pm for speeches and questions. See:

CAPP’s tentative schedule for officer elections is still listed as June 13, 2017. This allows us to discuss and confirm process of nomination/voting prior to next meeting. A restructuring of CAPP has been proposed here:

Over the past week we were contacted with requests for information for the press ( ), and our response was crowdsourced using our chat/web resources. This raised the need of a press packet for distribution of information for future similar requests, which we have begun putting together. See here (contributions welcome!):

GLAP setup a GitHub organizational account and CAPP has begun using GitHub “issues” heavily to organize and track ongoing activities.

@jdshutt has made progress on a piece of draft legislation for the City of San Francisco. See:,_Redistribute,_And_Build_Upon_Tax-Funded_Technology_Ordinance

Still planning to meet with the pirates from UC Berkeley, need to follow up since last meet up date fell through.