California Pirate Party Meeting, March 13, 2017

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*President’s Report:* Intent to qualify as political party paperwork has been submitted. We are awaiting the Secretary of State to send the paperwork back. We are able to register to vote as Pirates, but cannot solicit donations yet.

Friendly reminder to all Pirates: Save all receipts if you’re making a purchase to assist the party in any way. Please submit receipts to @laura for tax purposes.

*Website:* Theme has been selected and design us complete. Web site transfer is currently ongoing as of our Monday, March 13th. Thanks for all the work to the website team.

*Officer Roles:* @orion provided brief review of CAPP history including prior role of officers. Also discussed @brendan ‘s write up for roles and responsibilities of CAPP officers. Both agreed further discussion and clarification was needed in order to manage assigned tasks. @orion suggested borrowing bylaws from existing Pirate Parties

@brendan recommended implementation of broad charter. In particular, CAPP should adopt a mission statement, distinct from a party platform, and should make that as well as the platform and constitution available to the public. @orion and @brendan both agreed that part of reorganization should include electing permanent officers. Furthermore, @brendan echoed the need for better tools to debate and vote on Party issues. @laura recommended we look into using @toomim ‘s

*Why Pirate?:* @orion and @brendan briefly discussed reasons for being drawn to the Pirate Party and why they continue their work. Folks concluded that though we may have differing reasons and motivations for supporting CAPP (sometimes conflicting reasons), what’s important is the conversation and working together.

*Things to Come:* @orion is in favor of voting permanent officers when paperwork is returned (about one month from now). He’s recommending we produce list of responsibilities. @orion is volunteering for drafting a Mission Statement.

Additionally, CAPP cannot endorse legislation or candidates until we are recognized as a political party but folks can run for office as a Pirate.

We should make a video for voter registration training. @jxxmora5 expressed interest, as did @bbridge (through the Hangouts chat) in working on this project. @orion has the information we need for the video.

Lastly, @laura provided an update on our donation drive. Once our paperwork comes back, we need @orion. To verify we are in fact not a terrorist organization. Someone’s personal email address was read, not sure why. If anyone has questions or want to help, Facebook us or email at