California Pirate Party Meeting, Jan 30th, 2017

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Officer’s Report:
@orion discussed two methods to achieving voter recognition in the State of California: A. voter registration, which requires 1% of the population of CA (~100,000) to register as a Pirate, or B: petition, which requires 10% of the voters in the last gubernatorial election (~750,000) to petition for the existence of the California Pirate Party. Orion recommended we pursue both.
@jxxmora5 wasn’t present for the meeting, but he and @bbridge checked in briefly prior to the meeting. Jorge has been working on outreach in the Greater LA area, check back for more details.
@laura : Books are balanced! We’re looking into selling Pirate swag. Will begin outreach in finding someone/a group that is willing to put aside time (CAPP covers cost of materials) to begin assembling Pirate swag (mugs, t shirts, etc). Please keep voting for logos on the #polls channel.
@bbridge: Meeting with bank postponed until Feb 17th. We should be good to go for fundraising though. Endorsed making more physical presence for CAPP. Agreed with making business card with links to all our social media, with QR code on the back that either A. links to CA voter registration (if legal) or B. links to CAPP webpage.

Team reports:
ocial Media: @zarathustra proposes two individual social media teams. One individual tasked with posting to their social media and relaying that post back to website development. The other individual is tasked with handling interactions (monitoring hashtags, trends, DM’s, etc.). Also suggested we reserve usernames for Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope and any other relevant social media.
Website: They continue to be rad. We’re moving forward with the wordpress theme, after much debate (yay, debate!). They’re sorting out technology to use for our bi-weekly meetings and for folks to have an email address. Also, the search is on for finding a US based server. Let the outreach begin! Many thanks @zarathustra , @laura , @d3rpz1lla @digitalirony for the assistance with the webpage.
Ambassador: @zarathustra meets with USPP on Wednesday. If you’re interested in learning more, head to #the_embassy . There’s plenty of information there on Pirate IRC, USPP email list, and USPP meeting minutes.

We received a question on rebooting the college internship program. @orion is interested in rebooting things, will wait until filing with Dept. of State. We received a question regarding ratifying party platform. Some dissent on this question, but people appear to be in favor of continuing to discuss and debate the issues, particularly how we come to consensus on making alignment/condemnation. Visit #volley_crafting for more information. @orion closed out the meeting encouraging folks to use their sphere of influence for positive changes. That’s a wrap!