California Pirate Party Meeting, Jan 16th, 2017

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Officer’s Report:
@orion began by noting our Slack channel has gotten busier! Paperwork has been complete (will send pending physical address), login credentials for website and email has been transferred to respective teams, and Reddit moderators have been appointed. Coordination has begun to participate in Women’s March and Trump inauguration protest (check #meatspace_calendar).
@jxxmora5 : No VP report. Interested in putting more work into Southern California events and meetups. @jxxmora5 also volunteered for pushing papers and assisting with other teams. Send him messages if you need help with your project!
@bbridge: In process of transferring power from old treasury position to @laura . Met with bank, obtained copy of invoice for all transactions since 2012. Another meeting is scheduled for 1/30/17, more information to come. We should be able to begin donation drives! Very interested in party identifiers for public meetings. Pins! Shirts! Swag! Yarrr! Let’s tap website redesign for graphics.
@laura : We have $203.50! We have a draft of Statement of Activities! Check #treasure_chest. Taxes and forms will be filed (with many 0’s). Many thanks @laura! Check out #polls and vote on graphics to post to social media.

Team Report:
Website Redevelopment: @laura , @digitalirony , @d3rpz1lla , and @zarathustra are crushing it at website redevelopment. We’re using the WordPress Theme (consistent with other PP’s) and have begun with rolling out updates. @zarathustra and @jxxmora5 made contacts with the folks at Their going rate is $1500, they donated their services to CAPP because “we think you guys are cool.” Check #calpirateparty_org for more info.
Pirate Radio: The email team has been in contact with a software developer that offered to assist with Pirate Radio, a long time dream of CAPP. More on this to come.
Technology: Some quick discussion on moving away from Google Hangouts. Let’s find a different video chat service! Needs to support multiple people, chat, live stream, and record to YouTube.

We’re banking with San Francisco Federal Credit Union. Again, @bbridge will meet with the bank on Friday, Jan 20th, to iron out details. We will need to be exploring a service to solicit donations, see Treasurer’s and Secretary’s report.
Meetups: @aaron.burr.sir and @orion noted that in person meetings are very important. We should have a public presence. Putting a face to our organization is important in this stage of the game. #meatspace_calendar has meetings in your location.