California Pirate Party Meeting, Feb 27, 2017

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*Officer’s Reports:*
President: Brief overview of tonight’s meeting including upcoming launch of website, new video chat service, visiting with bank, and sending off Dept. of State paperwork. Revival of the Blaarg, let’s get people writing short articles/arguments. FCC has rescinded some components of net neutrality, we should be discussing this. Proposes we purchase business cards to hand to folks. Maybe website team can help us out with graphics for the business cards?
VP: @jxxmora5 not able to participate today. Still working on deploying new chat technology, called We have a working version that links with Slack, but with improved functionality.
Secretary/Treasurer:  @laura is not able to participate tonight. We visited SF Federal Credit Union 2 weeks ago. Our accounts are active!

*Team Reports:*
Social media: Zarathustra nominated Brendan from GLAPP to be Social Media Director. We had a brief discussion of upcoming plans. @brendan is of the opinion we should have a fully functional website before beginning with full social media push. Discussed process of blog submission including needing an editor to vet entries. @brendan , @orion , and @bbridge are unsure about having a dedicated forum on the website. @brendan also suggesting we have newsletter with blog articles for folks to keep up with.
Website: @laura  is soliciting feedback on website design theme. Please vote at #polls.
Outreach: SF Bay Area Pirates met on President’s day. Discussed our online tools (, check out the CAPP version… and how we can best use our resources to change the political landscape. Found it to be helpful dialogue using technology to change activism and using activism to change technology. @orion is interested in a Sacramento event, we’re thinking in April.
Technology: @toomim and @karth295 have launched It’s a platform CAPP can use in order to discuss and vote on platform issues. We briefly discussed what is and how to use it.
Other things: Quick discussion on manipulating internet markets and Reddit posts. @orion recommends Women, Pirates, and the Politics of the Jolly Roger.