California Pirate Party Meeting, Feb 13, 2017

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Officer’s Report:
@orion : Concerned about politics at the state and federal levels. We must stay vigilant! Still very interested in reaching out to T-shirt printing company near his house.
@jxxmora5 : We’re testing new chat technology! We should do a stress test (previous testing had 4 people online at once.) The new technology is sounding much easier and has many (if not all) of the functions of Google Hangouts. Planning on rolling out new application for February 27th meeting. VP reported on Zarathustra meeting with Greater LA Pirates. Twas a success.
@laura : Will meet with SF Federal Credit Union 2/17/17. We have a few missions: 1. Removal of old officers from account, 2. Adding Laura’s name to the account, 3. Updating information in order to begin receiving donations.
@bbridge: Will accompany @laura to the meeting with SFFCU

Team Report:
Social Media: @zarathustra registered CAPP Instagram and Snapchat accounts.
Insta: calpirateparty
Snapchat: calpirateparty
We will need folks to assist with running the accounts. Instagram team will probably need someone familiar with meme creation. Also @brendan wrote a 3 page proposal for social media teams. It’s a good read!
Webpage: Still in development but much progress has been made! Mobile web page is also in development!
Outreach: GLAPP had a meeting, why can’t SF/Bay Area Pirates have a meeting too? Let’s hang out on Monday, February 20th from 4-6pm. Will post in #meatspace and #meatspace_calendar
Other stuff: @orion answered a question about voter registration. Once website is complete, we should create a Youtube video for Pirates to assist with voter registration. Orion provided some of the rules we gotta follow. @bbridge proposes new team division to organize voter registration.
@jxxmora5 recommended we keep bi-weekly meeting to upcoming/completed tasks instead of soapbox (check in with #debate if you’re looking for the soapbox). @toomim is interested in facilitating party platform.
Good meeting everyone, see you in two weeks!