California Pirate Party Meeting, April 10, 2017

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@orion and @bbridge were present. @laura and @jxxmora5 had the evening off.

*President’s Report:* We’re registered with Secretary of State and we appear on the website! When registering to vote as a Pirate, be sure to write in “California Pirate Party” as it seems there’s a risk city officials may not count the registration towards our requisite ~100k. @bbridge encourages Pirates to acquire some voter registration cards and prepare for registration drives. Voter registration cards can be found at your respective city hall.

*Meetups:* We’ve reached out to the UC Berkeley Pirates. More information about meetups with them and other Pirate events.

Interested in setting up elections for permanent officers. @orion suggested we have an election in 1 month. @bbridge countered, suggested we have election in 2 months and have a public meetup prior to the elections. We tentatively scheduled a Pirate gathering at Dolores Park (San Francisco) on Saturday, May 13th. Also encourage the GLAP, San Diego, and all other Pirates to schedule a public meetup prior to election. In order to pull this off, we will need swag and some help with social media. We should vote on a date for permanent elections.

*Other Things:*Please complete CAPP volunteer questions. You don’t have to complete the whole thing, just whatever information you’re willing to share with CAPP.

We’re still formulating platform issues. There have been thorough debates on Slack. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the debate.

*Upcoming events…*
April 18th, EFF Training at SF Public Library
April 22nd, March for Science
May 3rd, PNC Elections
May 13rd, Bay Area Pirate Party Meetup (Dolores Park)

*PNC:* CAPP is looking to be formally brought into the PNC (Pirate National Committee). This would allow us to have a vote on what the PNC does as a national organization. We’re looking to recruit a representative ASAP. PNC elections are May 3rd, we’re looking to recruit a nomination within the next week or so.

@orion closed out the meeting with a discussion on the current state of federal politics. Yarr!