Australia Pirate Party Opposes Minister’s Action

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In an epic violation of trust, Minister for Human Services Alan Tudge has intentionally given out a Centrelink client’s personal information to Fairfax media, as a part of a political campaign to discredit and silence Australians speaking out against the nightmare of Centrelink’s debt recovery program…

‘By releasing personal information to “correct the record”, Centrelink and federal government MPs and officials have set a dangerous precedent when it comes to handling the information of Australians’ said Pirate Party Deputy President, Michael Keating. ‘This action shows the federal government’s intent with collection of personal data from multiple sources, and it’s not for national security reasons. Regardless of what the official line is, this appears to be nothing short of a department attempting to silence criticism in the bluntest way possible, despite there being legitimate issues in process and service delivery from this department. Silencing criticism does not resolve the problems, it only serves to amplify them.’

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