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California Pirate Party Meeting, April 10, 2017

@orion and @bbridge were present. @laura and @jxxmora5 had the evening off. *President's Report:* We’re registered with Secretary of State and we appear on the website! When registering to vote as a Pirate, be sure to write in “California Pirate Party” as it seems there’s a risk city officials may not count the registration towards our requisite ~100k. @bbridge encourages Pirates to acquire some voter registration cards and prepare for registration drives. Voter registration cards can be found at your respective city hall. *Meetups:* We’ve reached out to the UC…
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Finland Pirate Party Wins Municipal Seats

The Pirate Party of Finland is finally beginning to reap the fruits of its long-standing efforts to establish itself in the political arena, rejoices Tiina Malinen, a deputy chairperson of the party’s district organisation in Pirkanmaa. The Pirate Party won its first two seats in the municipal elections held on Sunday, after coming up empty-handed in the first three elections organised after its foundation in 2008. Read the whole article here.
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Iceland Pirate Party Want EU Talks Referendum

The Pirate Party have put forth an EU referendum proposal to restart negotiations with the European Union, reports RÚV. The Pirate Party suggest a referendum for the spring of 2018, with the simple question: “Would you like the government to restart accession negotiations with the European Union for Iceland’s possible membership?” With two simple options, Yes or No. Read the whole article here.
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California Pirate Party Meeting, March 27, 2017

This was a short meeting. There were audio problems. @orion and @laura were present. @jxxmora5 and @bbridge were out. *Website:* It's been launched! Head to and check it out. @laura noted website team is still tweaking things including themes. Let us know if there are suggestions. Additionally, the donation page is up and running. Donations can be made at *Other Stuff:* IRS papers have been submitted. We should be in good standing with the IRS. Thanks @laura and @orion. @orion is working on a press release which we…
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California Pirate Party Meeting, March 13, 2017

*President’s Report:* Intent to qualify as political party paperwork has been submitted. We are awaiting the Secretary of State to send the paperwork back. We are able to register to vote as Pirates, but cannot solicit donations yet. Friendly reminder to all Pirates: Save all receipts if you're making a purchase to assist the party in any way. Please submit receipts to @laura for tax purposes. *Website:* Theme has been selected and design us complete. Web site transfer is currently ongoing as of our Monday, March 13th. Thanks for all…
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